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What is a Neuropsychologist and What Do They Do?

A neuropsychologist is generally defined as someone who studies and theorizes the behavioral link between the brain and the demeanor in humans or other higher primates. These psychologists usually work in clinics in order to help patients who have brain injuries or neurological disorders. They will often study a person’s brain function and skill compared to the skill or function that the patient typically exhibited before a traumatic experience or the onset of neurological symptoms, in order to manage treatment and rehabilitation.

Where Neuropsychologists Work

Neuropsychologists often work in clinics or hospitals in close succession with neurosurgeons and neurologists. They also often work in rehab centres to provide care for those who suffer from neurological disorders in order to maximize the benefits of brain-specific treatments. These particular doctors will often specialize in the effects and research surrounding the differences between neurologically based symptoms or those caused by emotional issues. As such, these specialists are required to study and understand the common functions of specific areas of the brain and the effect of injury or disease to these sections. These doctors may also be useful in court cases built around severe head injury or trauma as indicated by behavioral changes. Neuropsychologists often find that this particular field opens doors to work in managerial positions, positions of leadership and even in certain aspects of product development.

Neuropsychologist Tasks

As neuropsychologists are specifically trained to understand and identify issues in the communication between brain and behavior, they are often called in to study cases of stroke, tumor or other brain based illnesses to decide the most effective course of action as treatment. In order to avoid misdiagnosis or treatment, these doctors are also required to have a broad base knowledge of mental health symptoms and general knowledge of health conditions.  They will also need to be familiar with the use of brain scanning equipment and the proper interpretation of neuroimaging results. Neuropsychologists are often hired in order to assess the results of clinical trials using drugs that might be utilized to treat those with subsequent neurological disorders in relation to illness or injury. In addition, some neuropsychologists work in research, often with primates and other animals, to learn more about the brain.

Top Neuropsychology Programs

Walden University
Psychology (MS)
Clinical Psychology (MS)
Leadership Psychology (MS)
Social Psychology (MS)
Psychology (PhD)
Walden University offers a diverse array of online degrees, including the MS in Psychology, MS in Clinical Psychology, MS in Leadership Psychology, MS in Social Psychology, and PhD in Psychology. Student in all programs apply psychological theories to current issues in psychology. Graduates work throughout the psychology industry, as teachers, therapists, and other professionals.
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Kaplan University
Psychology (BS)
Child Psych (BS)
Psychology (MS)
Addictions Psych (MS
BS in Psychology, MS in Psychology, and MS in Addictions Psychology. These programs are dynamic and interdisciplinary in nature. Topics include the major concepts, values, theories, studies, research methods, and historical trends in psychology as they apply to human behavior, learning and development.
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Liberty University
Psychology (AA)
Psychology (BS)
Students in the BS in Psychology degree programs at Liberty University rave about their professor's level of excitement for the subject matters discussed. These programs feature such specializations as Adult Development, Child/Adolescent Development, Clinical/Experimental, Human Services/Counseling, and Industrial/Organizational. Graduates work in business, healthcare, and government.
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Grand Canyon University
Psychology (BS)
Psychology (MS)
I/O Psych (MS)
Cognitive Psych (PhD)
I/O Psych (PhD)
Grand Canyon University's BS in Psychology and MS in General Psychology provides students with a menu of course options that increase the understanding of past and present human actions. Courses include: General Psychology, Ethical Thinking in the Liberal Arts, Personality Psychology, and Lifespan Development. Graduates get jobs in teaching and mental health counseling.
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